Commercial Break: Just when you thought it was safe to type the word 'Dear'...

“It looks like you’re writing a letter. Would you like help?” No. Fuck off Clippy. Remember Clippy? He’s the paperclip-shaped knobwit who would infect your work on Microsoft Word with his inane questions and offers of assistance.

Thankfully he was killed off before Microsoft Office 2007 hit the streets, but now he’s back, with a cameo role in this ad for the forthcoming Office 2010. In keeping with the spirit of the recent IE8 promos that starred Dean Cain (soon to be seen in ‘Parfection: The Golf Movie’ and ‘The Dog Who Saved Christmas’) Microsoft have gone for the quirky humour pitch with an action movie pastiche.

Like those aforementioned ads with the man from ‘Max Havoc: Ring Of Fire,’ it’s all a bit hit and miss. Our favourite bit is right at the start where the important man speaks of a ‘rogue font’ although to these ears, he sounds more like an Aussie warning us of a ‘rogue fart.’

At least Clippy isn’t coming back from the dead. Ultimately, that’s all we really care about.


  • Ben
    What a fantastic piece of marketing! It's so absolutely absurd that it's absolutely terrific. Although if it was realistic, that Office helicopter would have crashed mid-flight. Also they would have gone around arresting random, innocent people for "performing illegal operations"
  • Ian
    That's very good. My favourite line is 'you better watch your margins!'
  • pete d.
    There's nothing on IMDB about this yet
  • Bullet
    "FAUNT" its Font ya dobber you dont stretch it out, say it quick and with an O not a AU
  • pauski
    And not an iphone in sight! Why AD could not work that in, is a question? - maybe he has a beta version already, which automatically removes such shite!
  • Free B.
    [...] brought you the taster ad for Office 2010 yesterday. Why not have another look at it and see if you find yourself craving the launch of the [...]

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