Commercial Break: Just see what employing a blind person can do for you

The Norwegian Association of the Blind are VERY keen for more of their sightless gang to be in gainful employment, so much so that they’ve produced this set of ads that might offend the people they’re representing – if they were able to see them that is.

These three ads show some of the benefits that you probably didn’t realise could be had from giving a job to a blind person. You can have it off with a colleague while they’re in the room, you can strip down to your undercrackers and get changed for an important meeting while they’re blissfully unaware, and your lighting bill can be slightly slashed as well.

We’re thinking of starting up the National Association of People Who Pretend To Be Blind so we can all get new jobs and gawp at some of this kind of action without our new bosses knowing that we’re tricking them...


  • Snooty
    Brilliant!!! They have convinced me of the benefits, I am off to blind my existing assistant.
  • Nob
    Similarly, hire deaf people to work in noisy factories and save money on ear defenders.
  • Jen
    These are great hehe
  • Martin M.
    Thanks to your contribution. I have learned something very interesting today.

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