Commercial Break: Jerry Seinfeld is back in a two-minute mini-masterpiece

It’s Superbowl time again, and that means the Americans roll out the big guns and spend big money on big adverts. It might not get any bigger than this for 2012’s egg-chasing spectacle – a gloriously silly two-minute ad for some kind of car or other starring none other than Jerry Seinfeld.

Not only is Seinfeld there, you also get the infamous Soup Nazi, a munchkin, an alien and an old woman with some yams. We’ve watched it three times and we’ve still got no idea what kind of car they’re plugging though…


  • Alexis
    It's the new Honda NSX. Honda is sold under the Acura brand in America.
  • The B.
    One day Jerry Seinfeld will do something funny, more than likely it'll involve death, possibly his, possibly someone else's, until then he stays firmly off of my radar.
  • Dick
    Why don't they just do an advert like ... I endorse Brand X as they paid me $2000000. You are my fans. You love me. So buy Brand X, as they will pay me more money to endorse them again next year. No need for a special effects budget, writing budget, acting budget. Just 1 celeb and 1 cameraman.

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