Commercial Break: Jay Kay - now dancing for noodles

Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay then. To some, he’s a deeply annoying hat-wearing, fast car-driving, rat-faced musical criminal. To others he’s simply ‘The Space Cowboy.’

But where has he been of late? It’s been five years since his last album – just how long does it take for a man to come up with a dozen examples of putrid funk-lite wank? We’re not sure, but we’ve tracked him down to Japan where he’s been pimping some kind of cup-a-noodle affair. Ghastly all round.


  • Daniel K.
    Jay Kay retired 2 years ago. Not that anyone noticed.
  • Dirty F.
    This video is over 10 years old, it's not like he's doing adverts, they've nicked his video!
  • zacspeed
    Stevie Wonder would NEVER stoop that low!
  • Nobby
    I've got the same fleece.
  • Fat S.
    I eat the noodles, they're really good . . . . I hate myself
  • jamiroquai01fan
    what the hell is this ""? Jay Kay is a musical genious. Jamiroquai always have been and always will be my favourite band! If you dont know that this is the music video for virtual insanity from 1996 then you dont know what your on about! lol. You may also like to know that he was touring and doing live gigs in 2006,7,8and9, in between recording a new album and signing a new record deal. The 2010 tour has started and the new album is due in september/october this year. All of this proves that you really have no idea what your on about!

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