Commercial Break: Jackman acts the jack ass at rotten tea dance

Here’s leading Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman showing that you can never have too much cash or too little dignity with a new ad for the unspeakable soft drink Lipton Ice Tea.

In a tightly-choreographed dance extravaganza Jackman whirls and twirls his way around the cavernous lobby of a Tokyo hotel, presumably all down to the invigorating properties of the aforementioned unspeakable soft drink.

We wonder if Jackman had ever seen the Christopher Walken-starring video for Fatboy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice (shown below the Lipton Ice Tea ad) before he signed up for the gig. We’re pretty sure that the ad’s makers were slightly familiar with it.


  • ElBuc
    Please will someone post a picture of his hot wife?
  • ElBuc
    Do I have to do everything myself? Froar!
  • Nobby
    Is he really a leading Hollywood actor?
  • pauski
  • no o.
    Jackman is a leading song and dance man (performing in top London West End and Broadway (New York) musicals. Jumping onto a luggage trolley and spinning around was overdone by the time Gene Kelly was doing it in the 1950s. Choreographically there is nothing remarkable in either video.

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