Commercial Break: Is there a Larry David Day? There should be.

Happy birthday to comedy genius Larry David, who is 62 today. In case you’re baffled by who Larry David is, he’s only the creator of two of the greatest American sitcoms of the past two decades, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

He’s also a proudly bald man, and that’s what led him to record this appeal advert for cancer research last year – he explains here how cancer has changed his life. As with every great episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, let’s just say that Larry’s standpoint and order of priorities could be seen as somewhat askew from the rest of society. What a man. Happy birthday you miserable old goat.


  • jim
    The man is a genius. Sympathy sex. Nice.
  • Megamart
    "Its there a Larry David Day? There should be." Is there a spurious "t" in your article's title? There shouldn't be.
  • Rupert
    Comedy genius. Seinfeld was the best sit-com off all time and has been largely ignored by the UK, prefering wet nonsense like Friends.
  • Jack
    Haha Larry David is awesome, I havent watched Seindeld, but have been watching episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm on More4.

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