Commercial Break: It's incomplete Madness

Not content with getting Motorhead’s warty front-man Lemmy to slow down and ultimately mangle his classic ‘Ace Of Spades’ tune, the marketing whizz kids at Kronenbourg have now persuaded the mighty Madness to carry out a similar hatchet job on their own, similarly iconic ‘Baggy Trousers’.

While we bear no ill will towards the legends that are Nutty Boys, we’re not exactly impressed by any of this and we’re wondering how far the beer merchants will go in search of a more memorable ad. Will the surviving original members of Black Lace please form an orderly queue – there’s an authentic French bar that might be needing a slowed-down version of Gang Bang soon...


  • Ace
    Ace of spades one was good. This is just pure shite!!
  • Boris
    I've heard that they are doing 4′33″ next - extended to a full half hour. Can't wait.

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