Commercial Break: Is this what poker WAGs really get up to?

Here’s poker legend Phil Ivey in a NSFW ad, showing just why he’s the best in the world by showing his ice-cool poker face in extreme circumstances. He’s also demonstrating just what can happen in a marriage if the husband spends every waking moment playing fucking poker.

It’s an add for Full Tilt Poker, the popular online site – where it’s vital that you develop your poker face to help you chase the big win. Oh hang on, online poker’s the one where no one gets to see your face isn’t it. Ah, right. Advertisement fail then, as we believe the youngsters like to say.


  • Dick
    WTF would you want to play against the pros? I prefer to play against complete numpties that don't know what they are doing. You win more cash that way.
  • Steve O.
    This video is a few years old, isn't it?

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