Commercial Break: Is this the stone age info film that is influencing the Catholic church?

Cardinal Keith O’Brien has been in a spot of bother over the past few days after calling gay marriages an ‘aberration’, and generally enraging anyone with even vaguely liberal tendencies with his views.

We think he might have been paying too much attention to this public service information film from the 1700s…


  • Sid D.
    Those boys need to seek the sanctuary of a Catholic church immediately. Father McFiddler will look after them just like he looked after me all those times.
  • Mary H.
    I'm not racist or owt, but them gays are as bad as them blacks.
  • Mark W.
    Gay marriage is fine, as long as it's between a gay man and a gay woman. Otherwise I'm on Team Cardinal.
  • Richard M.
    I was more concerned that if the homosexual had hit the brakes hard, poor Jimmy would have gone straight through the windscreen sideways!

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