Commercial Break: Is Splattered Jack Headed For The Box?

In terms of generating income for broadcaster NBC, the Superbowl final is almost literally liquid gold. Despite the recession, the slots sell out unfailingly, with NBC charging a cool $3million per 30-second ad.

It’s also a high-profile chance for big-name companies to premiere some new ads, and last night’s Superbowl was no exception. Throw in trailers for the new Star Trek movie and Pixar’s new film ‘Up’ and there was little reason for popping to the kitchen during the break. That’s before we mention the broadcasting cock-up that saw a chunk of porn fired into the homes of thousands of Arizona viewers.

Out of them all though, this was our favourite – an ad for the Jack In The Box fast food chain. JITB head honcho Jack Box gets involved in a very nasty road incident. Will he make it or is his ping pong ball head beyond repair?

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