Commercial Break: Indiana Jones And The Awareness-Raising Agony

Here’s an ad that passed us by the first time around, but one that bears up to a retrospective look because (a) it helps the environment and saves the lives of penguins, and (b) because it’s so goddamned sexy.

In it, Harrison Ford uses his celebrity status to demonstrate how the destruction of the rainforest is exactly the same as him having the hair ripped off his smooth, toned 67-year-old chest with hot wax.

Sure he’s cool, but we’d bet that he screamed the set down once the director said ‘cut.’ It might also have been a good idea to splash him with a bucket of aftershave to demonstrate the threat of rising sea levels too.

If you’re a fan of the firm, muscular chests of men who should be old enough to know better, you might like to check out the cover of the 2010 Cliff Richard calendar as well [pukes firmly into sleeve]…

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  • Nobby
    It would have been funnier if they waxed a penguin.

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