Commercial Break: How man decided to first milk a cow

Ever wondered what possessed a man (and it almost certainly was a man) to milk a cow for the first time? The good people at Cravendale probably wonder it every day – after all, his pioneering actions have kept them in business for quite a while now.

Their new ad tries to imagine that momentous act but who knows whether or not it comes anywhere near to the truth. We reckon the reality was probably closer to that apocryphal moment when the bloke in Africa had it off with the monkey and invented AIDS.


  • Thumbs M.
    Bring back Bertrum Thumbcat!
  • Timelord
    There wasn't a cow in that shed...there was a bull though
  • qwertyuiop
    The ad might be a load of old cowshit, but they've at least kept Tim Curry to voice it - probably deserves some kudos for that.

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