Commercial Break: History rewritten as first ever Ann Summers TV ad appears

Ann Summers have done their first ever television advert. This is tremendously important from a socio-economical standpoint, as it marks another shift towards ‘acceptability’ for a brand name that has already infiltrated the high street with its borderline-pornographic wares. Does this reflect an increased tolerance towards ‘this sort of thing’ from the average Brit? Or something else and that?

Purely in the interests of socio-economics and that, here’s the advert in question. It is jam-packed with footage of ten ‘real’ women who applied to become the ‘face’ of Ann Summers and who have ‘made it’ through to ‘boot camp’. In order to help you choose the best one, they can be seen here, prancing around in their undercrackers.

Socio-economics and that.


  • Alexis
    I can only see one 'real' woman - the token fattie.
  • ModernGent
    Phwoaarrrr! Nice one BW.
  • Jaysus
    It was all going so well... then my cock died @ 0:36 when Lucy appeared on the scene *boke*
  • The B.
    Makes sense, Ann Summers is cheap, poor quality and tatty, why not get something appropriate to advertise it.
  • The M.
    @Jaysus. Hoi! That's my mum you bitch.
  • Dick
    That's very long for a TV ad.
  • Tiny S.
    Well I'm not fussy, I'd do 'em all.
  • Tiny S.
    Mind you, if they're fussy, then we have a problem.
  • zeddy
    @Jaysus: I think YOU mean poke. Or are you trying to suggest boak?
  • Mark s.
    You sad jealous individual for using my name and posting that! She clearly is the best and should win how dare you call someone that! JEALOUS!

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