Commercial Break: Hey internet - talking kittens!

It’s doubtful that there’s anything that the internet-viewing community loves more than kittens. Except for violent Japanese pornography. But we’re a family site here at Bitterwallet (more or less) so rather than the latter, here’s some of the former. And they’re talking kittens as well! Double bubble!

It’s an ad made for the Animal Humane Society, based in Minnesota, in Bin-Laden-killing America. If they’re looking for some viral action, they’ve probably hit paydirt with this one.

Naturally, it’s got us wondering if violent Japanese kitten porn exists. Rule 34 says it does…


  • Boris
    Rule 34? Cat porn? Perhaps you could search for we... No. Too easy boys. Too easy.
  • Noghar
    'A big house, my nails done once a month, a warm belly to sleep on?' Don't want much, do they? I'll have one if they promise to (a) not spray on my clothes (b) not shit in my flowerbeds and (c) not kill all the songbirds in my garden so the plants get eaten by slugs. Sign here... what? You can talk but you can't hold a pen? Fuck off then.

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