Commercial Break: Hello, is it cash you're looking for?

30 August 2010

This is without any shadow of doubt a complete and utter disaster of an advertisement. It’s the latest Walkers effort, and it sinks to depths even lower than the previous effort from the crisp billionaires.

You might remember that one – carting a load of celebrities along to the town of Sandwich in a witless attempt to convince the watching world that any sandwich can be enhanced by chucking a few crisps into it. Hmmm…

This time around, someone has stuck a pin into the tracklisting of a 1980’s compilation album and come up with Lionel Richie, a man who used to be in the pretty fantastic Commodores, but who is now happy to flog crisps with a wooden tit like Gary Lineker for coin.

There’s so much wrong here – the reimagining of Richie’s Say You Say Me hit, the fact that his presence has no connection to the crisps or the ‘sharing’ theme of the ad, and the fact that the ad ends with the soul star seemingly being hurled through the shop window by Lineker. What the fuckity fuck…?


  • Gunn
    Yeah I saw that just yesterday and didn't get it at all. Bring back Gazza.
  • Ben
    oh I don't know. I've seen a lot worse. Still, how does Richie still look so good? are the crisps covered in stem cells?
  • issac h.
    Should've put im thru the window 32 seconds sooner. :-)
  • Rolly
    Sad to see Lionel like this, hugely embarrassing. :(
  • eddiex
    Far less embarrasing than that video with the blind bird making a bust of him.
  • Paul C.
    Your headline is far better than one single reworked lyric in this advert, Andy. Perhaps they should have chosen 'Hello' instead.
  • zeddy
    @eddiex: yeh, he's a big enough tit as it is.
  • Pedegg
    that was filmed at my local londis
  • The B.
    @Gunn, "Bring back Gazza." Nah, he'd have to advertise Tyrrells, they do vodka and crisps.

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