Commercial Break: Heh! He said 'Johnson'

Words are funny things aren’t they? Their meanings can change over the passage of time, meaning that a seemingly innocent advert can be subverted into something completely puerile and hilarious a few decades down the line.

Just ask the Johnson Boat Company. JOHNSON!


  • Nobby
    Little kids and your johnson.
  • Tom
    Who the hell calls their knob a ‘Johnson’?
  • jim
    ahhh mondays aren't all bad after all.
  • Smileyvirus
    *Grin* Johnson is the name of the outboard manufacturer, not the boat though. :P
  • Andy D.
    @Tom - the baddie in The Big Lebowski does. That's good enough for us.
  • Naul P.
    Who Cares?
  • peter
    @Tom. If no-one calls their knob their Johnson why would you assume that's that was meant by the article. Obviously you're a big Johnson.

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