Commercial Break: Have a cake. Have a heart attack.

Today’s ad is just 20 seconds long but there isn’t a moment of it that isn’t utterly glorious. Hailing from 1984, it stars Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough as Cissie and Ada.

There’s excessive gurning and the hitching up of a stray, drooping tit from Dawson’s Ada while Cissie busies herself bragging about her exotic French holiday. In front of the pair lies a luscious fresh cream gateau.

Because that is what the ad is for. Fresh cream cakes. Not a particular brand of cream cake, but ALL OF THEM. That’s how it was back then. You’d be as likely to catch an ad like this in 2009 as you would be to see one outlining the delights and benefits of injecting heroin.

It’s got us all gagging for an éclair here though.


  • Allen
    As they say; No news is still no news.
  • zeddy
    What a marvellous old boot Les made.
  • goon
    les dawson was good dave goreman however is shit. also all them on 'mock the week'. that show is power shit, esp that dara. he is about as funny as testicle cancer. what an awful awful program. qi however i think is good. finally cream cakes are niether shit or good. somewhere inbetween
  • Brian
    I think that dude above is drunk
  • The B.
    Unlikely he's drunk, I'm drunk and can still work out where the shift, comma and full stop keys are. I saw Ed Byrne tonight and he was very good, highly recommended and I thought he'd be a bit shite to be honest. Les Dawson was indeed funny, as is Dara and indeed most of the mock the week chaps, except that MacKintyre cunt who isn't but bizarrely was on Top Gear.
  • Gunn
    Thought I'd eventually find someone who doesn't like Michael McIntyre. Any particular reason?
  • benard b.
    'Thought I’d eventually find someone who doesn’t like Michael McIntyre. Any particular reason?' Because he prances round like a tit and is generally quite loathsome. Every so often he says something mildly amusing, but I still don't like him. He's very clean, I expect you could take him home to meet mum Gunn? No?
    • Andy D.
      He laughs at his own jokes after he's told them as well. Twat.
  • Tosspot
    I bet you laughed as you typed that, didn't you, Andy.
  • Marcus S.
    Les Dawson was as funny as arse cancer. That is all.

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