Commercial Break: Have a break... have an orang-utan's finger

If you’ve got a Kit Kat in your hand, you might want to finish it before you watch this ad from Greenpeace, calling out Nestle over their use of cheap palm oil in the making of said chocolatey biscuity treatsnack.

You see, the palm oil is harvested by bad men who chop down the rainforests, which in turn leaves nowhere for orang-utans to sit and fling chunks of their own shit at each other (or whatever it is they do all day).

Naturally, in order to highlight this fact, Greenpeace have cobbled together this GRUESOME spoof Kit Kat ad where a man eats an orang-utan’s finger instead. Looks like it might taste a bit like pork to us.

It’s a bit of a puzzler. On one hand, we really love Kit Kats here at Bitterwallet, and on the other hand, we don’t personally know any orang-utans. So we’re going to have to sit on the fence on this one.

Hang on, we’ve changed our minds. We’re all about Team Kit Kat. Sorry monkeys.


  • MayContainNuts
    Hey - monkeys love tyre swings, and there'd be no tyres for them to swing on if we didn't destroy the environment using our cars. You can't have it both ways, you hairy banana-eating bastards! If we have to eat a few monkeys in our quest for the best chocolate bars so be it... They'd do the same to us, given a chance!
  • Dale W.
    Orangutan oil is very good for a good looking all over tan like I have myself
  • IanL
    orang-utans are apes, not monkeys....
  • Idon'twantthat
    The brown stuff surrounding Kit Kat biscuits bears a closer resemblance to orang-utan shit (or human shit) than to real chocolate.
  • milky
    well done greenpeace (on this one)'s cheap shit chocolate, high profit for Nestle's shareholders who would be brow-beasting us if we grew something they wanted to thin out their chocolate with. ..then people here would be whining like little girls.
  • Song B.
    Where can I buy these limited edition Orangutankitkats? My local Tesco doesn't have any and they look so juicy.
  • Junkyard
    Hi milky. What's brow-beasting? It sounds awfully horny and I'd like to give it a go, but I couldn't find a definition on Urban Dictionary.
  • milky
    It's a new word, used by only those in the know till we decide to let lesser mortals use it. Actually it's where my knackered & lifeless little finger drags across the keyboard, making me write sentances at least twice (bit like this guardian article) ..I actually messed up the speling of Guardian in the initial response but no-one noticed, ...are you my old english teacher, she was entited to be pedantic regarding concise use of my english as a language, ...others may simply be pedant's?
  • leandro
    Strange thing to see a pile of paper being shredded in a greenpeace advert... does not hurt anyone's feeling?
  • Mark M.
    Milky: sentances should be sentences , ... should be either a full-stop or maybe a semi-colon pedant's means belonging to a pedant. The plural is pedants just saying ;)
  • milky
    No worries, the ...., is just me as to the rest I did leave em for the purpose of tempting someone to pick up. Job done! though inevitably there will be a mistake + per post due to age, not wanting to correct myself all the time, BW site being a break from my norm. (my kit-kat, so to speak) sometimes between the paralysis & the brain damage you simply cannot be arsed to type the bloody thing over & overor the point / moment / memory may be lost. BW is the nearest I get to TXT SPK. No I'm not Stephen Hawking. ...YET
  • Nobby
    They fucked up there. The meat should have been packed in salt for longer to draw out more of the blood. They would be better then.
  • ailsa
    I hate the fact that orangutans are dieing! Dont be MURDERERS!

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