Commercial Break: Hardcore pawn

If someone came up to you in the street and offered to hook you up with dynamic porn, what would you think and say?

We’re almost that fictitious character – we say almost because what we’ve got instead is an ad for Dynamic Pawn, a Mississippi-based business where you can trade in your goods for quick cash, as well as buy the abandoned goods of others.

This smartly-produced ad possibly stars the staff from the shop itself. It’s hard to tell, because the acting is pitch-perfect, it really is. It’s from their pre-Valentine’s Day promotion from an undeterminable year (although that looks like Windows 3.1 on the wall of monitors so it’s pretty recent.)

Rings, chain saws, pendants, guns; all those and more are available for the one you love. Another reason to visit Mississippi just came swaggering into our lives…

[You Ruddy Guys]


  • james
    Just join Freecycle and wait for the e-mails that say "OFFERED : Hard core"
  • Ten B.
    [...] Dynamic Pawn – a great name for a great store. [...]
  • Jack
    I want a VCR!
  • Clair D.
    I`ll check back tomorrow, and see if you`ve done some more commenting

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