Commercial Break: Happy birthday Wonder Woman

Yesterday’s Commercial Break starred the majestic vocal chords of Adam West, best known as the 1960s TV incarnation of Batman (still the best no matter what anyone says)

Fast forward another decade and a real live actual woman was appearing on our screens as a superheroine. Of course we’re talking about Wonder Woman, played by Linda Carter, a character who will forever play havoc with the hormones of gentlemen of a certain age (this writer included)

Yes, back in the mid-1970s, she was a superhero AND she’s a woman! It’s incredible. She somehow managed to throw bad guys over the tops of buildings AND keep her man happy in the bedroom AND make pancakes for breakfast each morning. Or so I imagine

But I digress – here’s a vintage ad for a Wonder Woman action figure. Coming just a few years after the civil rights movement, the race wars are also kept alive with the inclusion of her mortal enemy, the dark-skinned Nubia. Hell’s bells.

Oh, and it’s Linda Carter’s birthday today too. Many happy returns love – now stick the kettle on, eh?


  • Nobby
    Did she have superpowers? I only remember her boobs.
  • Biff K.
    She had a holographic dirtbox.

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