Commercial Break: Happy birthday Lee Majors you deaf old goat

It’s many happy returns to Lee Majors, who reaches the ripe old age of 70 today. To us, he’ll always be the Six Million Dollar Man or at a push, The Fall Guy, so to learn that he’s now starring in an ad for hearing aids is a touch depressing.

Apologies for the poor quality as the original uploader filmed it straight from his TV screen, but Majors manages to drop in a joke about the ear enhancer being bionic along with the six million dollars gag that you’d rightly exepct.

Oh God, we’re so old. So very, very old now. But we'd probably still get trollied by Lee Majors in a fight.


  • Zeddy
    Damn! He's old! What next? Lyndsey Wagner to advertise bionic breasts? Oh wait, Lolo Ferrari tried that.....
  • Dados
    near as bad as Pele doing ads for erection problems ;(
  • Honky S.
    Damn, I just thought he was Ben 10's grandad!!
  • Iura B.
    I think he's great! He aways will be my favorite at screen! Mr. Majors, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!! Thanks a lot for your untiring work!! LONG LIFE AND HEALTH FOU YOU AND YOURS!!

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