Commercial Break: Happy Birthday Gerry Anderson!

It’s a big Commercial Break happy birthday to Gerry Anderson, who reaches the ripe old age of 80 today!

Gerry who you ask? Why, he’s only the man behind the classic hit 1978 Baker Street, with its iconic sax break of course! No, hang on, that’s Gerry Rafferty that we’re thinking of.

Gerry Anderson is best known for inventing the Space 1999 ice lolly, the ad for which can be seen below. If you’re a friend of the mysterious Gerry, or know of anything else he has done either before or since this iconic ad, please drop us a line.


  • Robin
    Christ! I just had a siezure!
  • Chris
    Try Here
  • Andy D.
    Wow! Thanks!
  • The B.
    Good Lord, I'd forgotten that thing ever existed, if I remember correctly it was qactually quite nice.

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