Commercial Break: Happy birthday Bruce so-called Willis

It’s Bruce Willis’ birthday today – he’s celebrating his, ah, fuck it, who gives a toss. Let’s say he’s about 60.

Anyway, we thought it might be nice to look at an ad featuring the man who starred in such films as North and… possibly Roger Rabbit, we’re not sure.

But we were spoiled for choice. There was an elbow-chewingly awful commercial for what we assumed was kind of booze – in it Willis whirls around a sound stage before ending up in a pretend bar. It's disastrous.

Then there was Bruce’s more recent appearance in a Japanese Subaru ad, where he puts in what is arguably the shortest shift by a Hollywood star in an advert EVER. There’s about two seconds of Willis in it, and it’s in slow motion and he’s gurning like a tosser. Unbelievable stuff.

So we’ll let you bask in the non-glory of both of them. Happy birthday Bruce – you twat.

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  • Joanne
    hahahahaha no love lost there then...he may be twice my age but I think hes sexy....then again I do have a penchant for the baldies *nyom*

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