Commercial Break: Happy 86th birthday Disney!

It was 86 years ago to this very day that The Walt Disney Company was founded by Walt himself along with his brother Roy Disney. Just think – if Walt had lost that coin toss, the name Roy Disney could be etched into the minds of most of the world’s population instead.

Maybe it was all a fix and Walt used a double-headed coin? Ironic, seeing as how his head now languishes in a freezer at Area 51, waiting for the day when human headlessness is cured and he can come back and regain control of the Disney tiller.

These days though, Disney is a slick operation and it’s hard to begrudge them the phenomenal success they enjoy. But rewind back a couple of decades or so and the Brother Of Roy Disney Company were struggling, grasping on to any passing trend, hoping for a bit of reflected glory.

People, we bring you commercials for the albums ‘Mickey Mouse Disco’ and ‘Mousercise.’ Come on everyone, #Macho, macho duck; oh he's a manly sensation; Macho, macho duck; he's a macho, macho duck...#

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  • The B.
    You should watch the new Season of Family Guy, the first episode is Bryan and Stewie doing a "Sliders" between parallel dimensions, they decide they want to stay in the Disney dimension because it's so lovely. Right up until Mort knocks on the door and everyone screams "Jew" and hacks him to death, nice piece of cartoon satire.

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