Commercial Break: Greenpeace ad contains blue language

If there’s two things we love here at Bitterwallet, it’s the undoing of corporate scumbags and swearwords. So this promotional video is right up our avenue.

It’s been made by Greenpeace and is part of their 40th birthday celebrations, showing us the (imagined) reactions of some boardroom bastards upon learning that their dastardly deeds had been scuppered by the campaigning work of Greenpeace. Or you might just enjoy the curse-words.


  • Dick
    Don't they just dial 1-800-HITMAN?
  • lumoruk
    knobs, greenpeace is a charity
  • kv
    I think that was people having their Touchpad orders cancelled by Amazon
  • SJT
    Damn hippies. Spoiling fun since 1971
  • Boris J.
    Just got a phone call from from Greenpeace in the office. Told them to "Fuck off". They wern't so happy with the potty-speak then I can tell you. 42k! The sky's the limit.
  • Shooter M.
    40 years of victories my arse
  • bawbag
    40 years of misplaced protesting on a whole raft of issues they have not got the faintest clue on. Just like any large organisation they go after and satisfy the interests of those running them which by and large are petty vendettas. Should fire bomb the lot of them. Shame on everyone who pays them donations.
  • Brad
    Apart from get a few of their own boats sunk, what the fuck have they actually done of note except spend donations and the odd sound bite?

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