Commercial Break: Grand Theft Auto V trailer is here!

2 November 2011

It’s probably not going to be out until 2015, but here’s a BITTERWALLET EXCLUSIVE* look at the very first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, which has been released into the wilds of The Internet a few moments ago.

As you’d expect, it’s got all of the features from the previous games that we know and love – some people standing near a mountain, a tramp, some crop-spraying and someone banging a For Sale sign into the ground.

We literally cannot wait to spray pesticides on the tramp. Roll on 2015!

*not really


  • Tobi L.
    2015!!! Are you sure? Won't the PS4 be out by then? And xbox 361?
  • Hobbiest
    Ahh, crop dusting illegals. Good times.
  • schmunk
    I am amused by the publisher's need to write "Five" on the V...

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