Commercial Break: Grand claims for new Skol lager. Yes, Skol.

skol Anyone here drink Skol? Seriously? We had to do a supermarket search in order to verify that they still sell it here in the UK. Seems they do, but not with any real fanfare - probably because its 3.0% potency means it's only really suitable for people who are just starting their recovery from major surgery.

It looks as though Skol is still a powerful brand name in some pockets of the world though – like Brazil (no, us neither) and here’s a weird new Brazilian ad for a version of the stuff called Skol 360.

It highlights the fact (???) that people turn into blowfish if they eat food and drink beer, rounding the whole thing off with an offhand claim that their own brew is “the only beer with an anti-blowfish effect.” Mmmm, big words.

Of course, they don’t bother with pesky trivia like details or evidence to back any of this up and the ASA would have them in advert court in under and hour if they tried any of that shit over here.

Things were better when Skol was advertised over here by a crude cartoon Viking – we all knew where we stood then.


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  • Hagar
    Skol skol skol skol skol....... repeat..

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