Commercial Break: Good to see some lady-gardening

Regular BW reader and comment-doer Joff tipped us off about this Wilkinson Sword ad and we’re glad he did.

We’re not sure how it relates to grooming products, if indeed it does, but it’s delightful to see some bright, sparky young ladies taking the time to do a spot of gardening.

They’ve shown that lawn maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore – with some singing and dancing, a session in the garden can be as good as, if not better than time spent in the gymnasium.

One concern though, at 0:53 seconds, one of the ladies gets her shaven pussy out. That could be dangerous what with all the sharp equipment that is on display. Otherwise, excellent stuff.


  • Francis R.
    It's good to see women keeping their bushes trimmed.
  • abd
    Did she say forest clit at 44-47 seconds?
  • Joff
    You know what abd, I think she does. She'd best get down to Superdrug sharpish!
  • Craig
    Wow, a woman stroking her pussy on national TV, surely that will get a few complaints, is points of view still giong?
  • Craig
    still going even
  • pingu
    lol no I think it's "forest clipped"

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