Commercial Break: Golf legend's alleged mistress makes world's worst alleged advert

Right now, the world is puzzled as to how the hell Tiger Woods ever found the time to be great at golf as well as wondering how much greater he would have been if he hadn’t been humping chicks left right and centre for the past few years.

Here’s Jamie Jungers, one of Tiger’s alleged squeezes, cashing in on her new-found fame by fronting an ad for online shopping site Well, we say ‘cashing in’ but there can’t have been much left over for the production budget after Ms. Jungers got her cut.

In a badly-lit, anonymous office, she rambles on into a smudged camera lens about how tough it is being chased by the paps all day (silence was always an option Jamie) and about how she’ll be doing all of her Christmas shopping on the aforementioned site. We couldn’t even bring ourselves to look at it, never mind link to it, for fear of what can of cyber worms might be opened.

But it’s hats off to plucky Jamie, who is making the most of her moment in the spotlight by stumbling through a script on a monitor that is approximately six inches from her eyes. Better or worse than banging the world’s top golfer? Debatable.


  • Paul S.
    Sweet muscular Jesus.
  • Nobby
    I reckon by the time this story is over, we'll find out that Tiger made it all the way to the 19th hole.
  • Angry S.
    I wonder if she ever considered the alternative of keeping her bimbo trap shut? Maybe that would have helped her avoid such a miserable existence? My heart bleeds for the poor girl.
  • Steve
    "All I ask is what I do, and whats happened between the golf legend and I to be between us". What a fucking idiot.
  • Brian
    Brian here, she is a very sexy chick.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Tiger Woods’ fancy piece makes what could easily be the worst advert of all time. [...]
  • Dirty D.
    OK so Gillette has dropped Tiger but surely he must be in the market for promoting the products of Mates or Durex?
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