Commercial Break: Get up to no good on these stain-free sofas

Raun sofas are organic and hand-built. What’s more, they come with a 5-year stain guarantee – quite useful if you’re using yours during the shooting of a mucky film…

Likewise, if you’ve just carried out a robbery and armed cops have tracked you down to your flat, they might blow you to smithereens, but at least your surviving relatives will be able to wipe your sofa clean and keep it as a memento…


  • The b.
    I'd like to see them get the stains out of the sofa with bullet holes and bits of brains in it, unless of course they're all made with kevlar too?
  • MattS
    Possibly the best sofa ad's ever made.
  • Jay
    Maybe if land of leather had ads like this they would have survived the recession :-)
  • Samara M.
    Wo Google mich den ganzen Tag hinbringt :) Tolle Homepage, ich werde wieder kommen.

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