Commercial Break: Get that 'in the womb' feeling with the Hoodie Footie

Menfolk – if your woman comes into the room sporting one of these this weekend, Valentines Day isn’t going to work out the way that you’d hoped it would.

Look at it – they taken the already-borderline-offensive snuggie and enhanced it with a hood, fingerless gloves and some feet, making what is essential… a romper suit. A romper suit for a real, live grown-up woman. The sort who loves kitty cats but will only have toy ones because the real ones move about too quickly. The sort who won’t read Harry Potter books because they find them ‘a bit racy.’ The sort who calls sex 'tummy tickling' and then never ever wants to do it.

Apparently, the Hoodie Footie fleece ‘keeps the cold out and the cosy in’ although from where we’re standing, all it will really do is keep reality out and grand delusion in. Burkha version almost certainly to follow.


  • Amanda H.
    That advert was about 4 minutes too long.
  • Nobby
    What is the point of getting up? If you can't afford the heating and don't have a job, just stay in bed.
  • Bo
    This just wasted 2 minutes of my life
  • Statix83
    Are these allowed in Tesco?
  • delrio
    looks like an overgrown babygrow

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