Commercial Break: Get absolutely EVERYTHING you want, simply, with a Vision Board

Look people, there’s only one way any of us are going to haul our way out of this crappy recession – and as this ad explains, it won’t be through believing in magical wizards, wishing on stars or rubbing a magic lantern.

Folks, it’s time to cut out the bullshit and invest in a Vision Board. They’re simple to use – just create images and words that reflect your hopes and dreams, stick them on your Vision Board then put it on a wall where you can see it. Pretty soon those dreams WILL come true!

Your hopes and dreams could be literally anything – a trip to Hackney, a secret third nipple or a private ride around Aintree racecourse on Iggy Pop’s leathery back. They’re YOUR dreams – you can make them happen. But only with a Vision Board.

Better still, it’ll cost you just $39.90 plus shipping and handling direct from the USA (you didn’t think this shit was UK-based did you?) How can you go wrong? You can’t! You just can’t! Look - it’s a Vision Board!



  • Mike U.
    Vision Board I hear every fucking MP's ordered one
  • eddiex
    I've been cutting pictures out of the lingerie pages of catalogues and putting them on a vision board for years.Must admit it was more of a vision sheet of paper when I started.
  • Andy D.
    'Only Vision Board can help you achieve the life you've always dreamed about.' 'ONLY Vision Board' Nothing else. Got that, you punks?
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] Deals Of The Day again – the column that’s got a Vision Board covered in links to truly amazing deals instead of the crappy scraps that the past 24 hours have [...]
  • pauski
    1m55sec in whiz-hards - not convinced Andy.

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