Commercial Break: Get busy with the fizzy all over again. Or whatever.

Back in the 1980’s, science entered the kitchen with Soda Stream, the fizzy drinks maker that turned tap water and a sticky, juicy concentrate into a passable beverage.

Now, for reasons that we can’t quite fathom, Soda Stream is making a comeback. Perhaps it’ll become huge once again as thousands of nostalgiac parents buy them for their kids, or perhaps everyone will wonder what all the fuss was about the first time.

You can see the slightly underwhelming new Soda Stream ad here or take a trip down memory lane with the 1980s version below.


  • Pokey
    A comeback? On what is this concept of a Sodastream comeback based? The Sodastream never went away. I believe it in fact pissed off its whole customer base in the UK a few years ago by relaunching its range with a new connection to its new design of proprietary gas bottles. This instantly made all earlier models obsolete and defunct and required anyone who for some strange reason actually wished to own and use a Sodastream to purchase a new model. Shrewd in a bastard kind of way.
  • kev
    they should have gotten Peter Dickson for the new ad
  • brian's u.
    It's the ghastly 80's revival. anything that is 80's related is fashionable theses days (ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses, neon coloured leg warmers, drain pipe jeans, mullet hair cut). It's not so good when you remember them the first time round. What next, Noel Edmonds brings back Swap shop on saturday morning?
  • Another A.
    Sodastreams are fantastic, for making soda water. Their syrups are shit.
  • Angry B.
    Getting refills for them are more of a pain than getting Tasered by a river.
  • Sim
    try sodastreaming a couple of shots of whiskey... fizzytastic
  • The B.
    Sim, why would you defile whiskey like that? Unless you're talking about Bells, Teachers, etc, in which case, it's not whiskey, it's Scottish cat pee.
  • snoogans81
    Comet have been selling the 'new' soda streams for nigh on a year now, so it's hardly news. I think my store has sold about 3 in that time. Most people just laugh and point when they see it.

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