Commercial Break: Gazza, back when he could do no wrong

Another (vaguely) World Cup-themed ad today as we wish a happy birthday to Paul Gascoigne – or at least we hope it’s a happy one. The last few years have been rough for the bloke who almost single-handedly took England to the World Cup final twenty years ago.

Here he is in happier times, advertising Brut 33 man-scent just after the Italia 90 World Cup, when his stock was at its highest. In it, he splashes it all over before heading out into the street and conducting an impromptu orchestra of workmen. Daft as a brush.

These days, he’d be more likely to just drink the Brut 33 before passing out in the bath. Happy birthday and get well soon Gazza.


  • That t.
    He isn't about to 'get well soon' is he? The blokes been 'fucked' for years.
  • Morocco
    Sad waste of genius.
  • Michael
    i wouldn't say a sad waste, that implies to me that he was too intelligent to be where he is now. the question is, what was he ever going to do after he finished football?, the guy has been surrounded by the wrong people his whole life unfortunately. i dont think he could even of been a coach, he's more of a naturally gifted footballer than someone who's learned from technique and practice -doubt he could explain anythnig to anyone. to sum him up.. remember the question the media proposed to him... "where does beef come from?" to which he replied "sheep?"
  • That t.
    Mike, can I call you Mike? No? Tough. That doesn't sum him up, this is Gazza summed up Mike, 'F U C K E D' Nuff said, word.
  • penninechris
    gazza now not only wears brut but it also doubles up as a handy hip flask for him when the offy is closed.
  • Mike H.
    Gazza would never waste any by 'wearing' it chris, pfffft! Perhaps not the best career move for Gazza, being supplied endless amounts of Brut to 'sup' that shit's probably why he's in such a shit state now.
  • Nobby
    He should advertise alcohol. I'd buy it.
  • andy y.
    The script of his life and death is playing out as it was written.
  • Shooter M.
    Did he then club his wife with the spanner? Or does he just do that at Gleneagles?

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