Commercial Break: Gatorade - now with added LSD?

Gatorade is a puzzle wrapped in a conundrum as far as we’re concerned. We know that it’s big in America, and we’ve seen huge barrels of the stuff parked by the side of the pitch at American Football events. We’ve also seen it being tipped over the heads of winning participants at the end of said events.

But we don’t really know what it is or even if you can get it in the UK. Perhaps we’re not moving in athletic enough circles to be ‘in the Gatorade loop’ (if indeed such a loop exists). We don’t actually give a shit to be honest.

One thing’s for sure – if the Gatorade-slurping fitness freak in this advert thinks that he’s actually pursuing a real tree, one that is evading him at every turn, he either needs to think twice about running in the midday sun or get his fucking Gatorade tested for sneakily-added hallucinogenics. We’ll stick to darts and lager thank you very much.


  • you t.
    They sell it in 500ml bottles either individually or in a multipack, next to the Lucozade, bit of an acquired taste
  • Mark C.
    Yeah, it's pretty ubiquitous - most corner shops have it. For an energy drink, it's not terrible - tastes rather like a melted Slush Puppy.

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