Commercial Break: Gales of guffaws at gobby grub

We haven’t usually got time for the short sponsorship messages that bookend ad breaks on UK shows – by the time they’ve started we’re usually halfway to the bog, kitchen or both.

But these ones, by the Food Standards Agency, are really good and they make us feel hungry too. Even though there's a decimated KFC bucket lying in the corner of the room. They’ve been made to be welded on to something called Family Supercooks, which sounds like possibly the worst programme ever made.

So we’re showing you them here because we’re assuming you won’t be going within a country mile of Family Supercooks either. Our favourite is the fish finger/sauce contretemps – it’s almost sexual. Possibly.


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  • Daniel H.
    I'm glad you like these as I am one of the actors in it, I play the fish finger amongst other roles, it was a fun shoot and we could mess about the script and have a good play with the material.

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