Commercial Break: From Two Jags to money bags

7 January 2011

Here’s recent House Of Lords appointee John Prescott, in a new ad for Moneysupermarket, where the 72-year-old references his greatest moments, having punched a potential voter as well as simultaneously owning two Jags. The popular press are speculating that Prescott received a 'five-figure sum' for his appearance.

All of that, soundtracked by Eye Of The Tiger, as he plays out some kind of Rocky fantasy. We were rooting for Prezza to lamp unfunny TV funnyman Omid Djalili but no such luck...


  • SJT
    Is that a giant donner kebab behind him?
  • Alexis
    These ads are pretty good actually. Go Compare and Confused are utter wank.
  • Craig E.
    Where's my cut?
  • zeddy
    Lord Prescott, man of the people? Two-faced old money-grabber.
  • Milky
    Thats me thinking both Prescott & the insurance people are both wankers to be avoided then! nice work creative advertising fuck-wits!

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