Commercial Break: Franck's In The Pink - Shame About The Boot

This new ad for Nike's Mercurial Vapor Rosa football boot tickles us and alarms us in equal measures.

On one hand, it's superb because it stars the French player Franck Ribery, who is very, very, VERY good indeed. Secondly, it's a remake of the intro to The Pink Panther Show, the cartoon that illuminated many an early Saturday evening during our childhoods. This is also very, very, VERY good indeed.

Sadly, the boot it's plugging is pink. A pink football boot. What the hell is that about?

Bugger off Nike.


  • Mike H.
    Most footballers are puffs, why not display your 'gayness' with the lads you have a bath with, in all it's closet opening glory, and go pink, yay, go guys!
  • Mike H.
    Not saying the PP is gay or owt though, that lad wouldn't be seen dead in a pair of pink nike tranees, infact, I have it on good authority that Mr. PP likes to tie the laces on a spiffing pair of spatt encrusted brogues.
  • ODB
    Sure someone was wearing these at the weekend in the Prem
  • Andy D.
    It was Arsenal's Nicklas Bendtner. Matt Le Tissier was on Soccer Saturday, disgusted by them.
  • Andy D.
    Seems he has a boot fetish.. Pity he's crap.

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