Commercial Break: Foul-mouthed woman plugs high interest cash lender

Here at Bitterwallet, we’ve had tens of thousands of emails over the past few months, all asking the same question – namely “Why does the QuickQuid advert woman have such a potty mouth?”

We’d have thought the obvious question would be “Why do QuickQuid charge a typical interest rate of 2356% APR?” but that doesn’t seem to be your prime concern.

So we’ve half-heartedly investigated the ad and yes, the offending sentence comes in at 43 seconds – “It’s so fuckin’ simple!”

It’s almost as shocking as yesterday’s babysitter ad for Che magazine, which we feel strangely compelled to go and watch again now…


  • Andy B.
  • Honest Q.
    She says. "It's so quick and simple".
  • Skymarshall
    First off, Andy B, you're a tool. Shut up. Secondly, WTF, IS DIS REAL?
  • Jase
    On a side, but still related note... QuickQuid monitor Twitter like a hawk. I mocked them once saying something like "What moron would borrow money at 2356% APR?" which QuickQuidWoman came defend the company.
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGun
    You guys must be fucking deaf, she is VERY clearly saying quick and simple.
  • Nobby
    Yeah, so quick and simple. Although youtube CC reckons she says "it's up to consumers". Useless crap.
  • Andy D.
    48,000 emails can't be wrong...
  • The G.
    Well done once again BW another non-story!
  • Nobby
    > 48,000 emails can’t be wrong… So Bishop Mmbooboo of Nigeria is a genuine person then and really does have $900,000,000 for me? I'm sure he has sent me that many in the past few days.
  • Tom J.
    is this some kind of affiliate thing or something - are you earning a quick quid every time a sucker watches the video? I'd like to think that something good came out of this.
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGun
    "48,000 emails can’t be wrong…" Wow, that's ALOT of deaf people. And what do you think she's saying, Andy?
  • Mr D.
    I thought 2356% was a spoof..
  • Twitter C.
    Could be set a twitter hash tag like #2356APR and all hit twitter at the same time?
  • FIVE
    Yawn. The cynic in me thinks this was just a ploy to get us to watch the advert.
  • DavtT
    Are these wankers from Bitter Wallet accepting back handers from this company - looks like it!
  • Steve B.
    I'm with Nobby. No, not like that, sillies.
  • Morocco
    worst. article. EVER.
  • Mr G.
    When I saw this on the wireless-vision box (telly) I misheard it and said to the Adorable Mrs Greggles, "Did she say the F-word then?". Mrs G replied, "Why would anyone say the F-word in an advert?". Then we saw the APR. F...!!! Strangely enough there's now another advert from some loan shark bastards with a 2600%+ APR. WTF! IS DIS... etc.
    £100 Council Tax for a house like that ? no wonder she is fucking smiling.
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGun
    ^ Not everyone lives in London
  • Nobby
    Whatever she says, I'd still do her. And her pet cat.
  • Maude
    Can somebody please tell me the origins of WTF IS DIS REAL? Because it is making me laugh every single time I see it. Did some pikey really come here once upon a time and type that without a hint of irony? Or, for that matter, any self-awareness that they are a cunt?
  • Aaron
    The origin -
  • Jack
    “It’s so quick and simple" is very clear. Yes it is an atrocious company though
  • Maude
    Thanks, Aaron. Sometimes you just have to wonder if gas chambers could actually serve a real purpose.
  • dude
  • dude2
    This must be sponsored by HUKD. They are in the banking business these days you know...
  • Charley
    Slow news day then? *yawn* Did you even watch the video?
  • The B.
    It's a short term loan ffs, if you were desperate enough to borrow £100 for a week then £45 interest wouldn't seem too bad an option.
  • Paul C.
    Even with my tinnitus that was clearly "so quick and simple". Buy some hearing aids with those backhanders you get from quickquid, lads.
  • Liz
    My hearing is not brilliant, I even use the telly subtitles, but I had no trouble hearing "quick and simple". Not up to your usual standards.
  • paul
    its obvious to any she says "so quick and simple" people are just laughing at the fact that it sounds like "so fuckin simple" ..
  • God h.
    Jeseus, sense of humour bypass! You think we can't hear?? Get a life! It's just funny to think she's saying 'fuckin!' 'Cause that is what it sounds like when you're not concentrating on the shit advert! Bet it's fun 'round your lots houses...

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