Commercial Break: Foul-mouthed auld fellas flogging Fiery Irn Bru

4 October 2011

What’s that? An advert that’s filled with lots of old Scottish men swearing? Yeah, go on then, we’ll happily have a look at that. It’s the new one for Fiery Irn Bru, which we assume is just like regular Irn Bru (made from girders) with some industrial-strength chili thrown into the mix.

Either way, they’re probably not going to showing it on the telly – yes, it’s NSFC (not suitable for church)


  • Joff
  • Dick
    None of them actually swear. It is just down to the script / editing. It is obviously made to try to go viral - old men swearing, isn't it funny. Better reasons for not showing it as a TV ad are that it is too long, it is too boring, the people are too old for the intended market.
  • Wonky H.
    Maybe we should all get iPads.
  • rob
    ripped off from the Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me "looks like a giant ... " "Johnson!" scene ?
  • Paul C.
    I quite like it as a bit of viral marketing. There's something quite endearing about softly spoken old scottish men swearing. Without meaning to sound homoerotic.
  • Zeddy
    Ya fuckin' beauty! That stuff's pure fuckin' rid hot, so it is tae. Ah thought I was goin' tae shit maself when a tasted it!

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