Commercial Break: Forget Old Spice Guy, here's the sea captain!

Just when we were starting to get a bit fed up with the Old Spice ads, and their ubermacho horse-riding spokesman, they pull the old switcheroo and hit us with a new, and let’s face it, funnier character.

It’s the sea captain! Not only is he in a constant battle with an octopus and has an admirable rack of abs, he’s also got a pretty fit wife. But oh no, they’ve both drowned in gold treasures. Never mind.


  • Alexis
    Better than "I'm on a horse"? Not even close.
  • Jolyon B.
    Where did he get that hat? Colonel Gaddafi
  • Dick
    I don't care about their "funny" ads. The product is still shit.
  • Me
    Isaiah Mustafa is a beautiful man. This guy looks like he keeps soup in his beard.
  • Shooter M.
    He calls that a beard? Brian Wilson should sue.
  • GAM
    Who plays the wife in the new old spice commercial. She is definately sexy. Too sexy for the sea captain (must be the gold drowning them that keeps her around)

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