Commercial Break: "For The Ultimate Care Down There"

Apparently this is one of the most complained-about ads of 2008. It hails from Australia and is for Kotex U tampons.

As an all-male webforce we’re not massively au fait with the secret tools of the women’s lunar month shed, but we don’t see what’s so wrong with the ad. In fact it’s quite cute really.

Hang on… the penny’s dropped. It’s her fucking beaver isn’t it? Oh dear God…


  • Bob
    Is it really 2009? I thought it was the 90's.
  • ungulator
    Bob: that'll be the turps
  • Wayne K.
    beaver dams
  • veedubjai
    LOL. At least the beavers stops the flow of flooding...excuse the pun.
  • Dodzi
    Andy Dawson, There is no need to swear on a website like this. Yes, it is her beaver, no need for vile language...

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