Commercial Break? Football journos dismantle booze fridge in record time...

If Carlsberg haven’t set this up as some kind of ‘viral’ then they’ve missed a trick. Witness a fridge at a Euro 2012 press centre filled with ‘complimentary ale’ and the arrival of some football journalists.

They’re like hungry lions feeding on a freshly-killed wildebeest. And we trust these people to accurately report about football, the most important sport in the world?? Jeez….


  • Ale?
    Carlsberg is not 'ale'.
  • Sicknote
    Carlsberg is cheap piss sold in shitty Northern nightclubs
  • dvdj10
    Haha, @blue t-shirt at the end - sucks to be you.
  • Dick
    Did they drink any, or just take it for later? Anyone quick thinking would have stood in front of the fridge and shouted out "Carlsberg 1 Euro a bottle".

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