Commercial Break: Floyd on fat fire

Last night as we sat back in the Bitterwallet common room to enjoy some TV, we chanced upon a documentary in which Keith Allen tracked down and spent some time with Keith Floyd.

“Ah,” said one of the Pauls, nodding in the direction of Floyd, “there’s someone who’s ripe for a comeback.” We all agreed, not knowing that at around that very time, poor Keith had actually just pegged it. Gah!

So we’re raising an early morning glass of grape-swill to the man who was surely the Alex Higgins of cooking. Whenever you find yourself annoyed by the antics of that gobshite of the grill Gordon Ramsay, make a small comparison between him and the late, great Floyd. What would Ramsay do in moments of great stress? Go for a bloody run. What would Floyd do? Open another bottle then probably go off and try to sail his yacht or something.

Here’s the great man teaching us how to deal with chip pan fires in a public information film. RIP Keith.


  • tits
    RIP :(
  • The B.
    I would loved to have watched the great man himself last night until I discovered it was that cunt Allen was doing the interview and frankly I'd rather have my eyes gouged out by Madonna on crack than watch that wanker or any of his talentless, narcissistic offspring who are prime examples of why certain gene pools should be wiped out.
  • The B.
    *and breathe*
  • goon
    shame he's dead. still what can you do eh. fuck it, junk food for tea.
  • goon
    also real bob is correct

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