Commercial Break: Flintoff's back in a pedalo again but this time he's sober

England have made a positive start to the Second Test at Lords and we’re all feeling a bit emotional over Andrew Flintoff’s decision to quit Test cricket after the Ashes. It seems like a good enough excuse to shoehorn a second Commercial Break of the day into the mix, as this Sure For Men viral ad stars Freddie himself.

It refers back to the ‘Fredalo’ incident of 2007, when an, ahem, ‘over-refreshed’ Flintoff had to be rescued after falling out of a pedalo in the West Indies. Here, two Aussies have stranded him pre-match by nicking his car, leaving him with no other option than to nab a handy nearby pedalo and set off across water.

It’s all for a good cause too – search eBay for ‘Flintoff Pedalo’ and you can bid for the actual one as used in the ad. All proceeds go to the Andrew Flintoff Foundation a charity that helps fund physio wings in kids’ hospitals around the UK.




  • Ben
    An incident put to song by Neil Hannon's 'The Duckworth Lewis Method' on a track called Pedalo, currently available on iTunes.
  • Andy D.
    A great, great album.
  • Yas
    aka fredalo

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