Commercial Break: Filthy talk won't sell cars

We’d hate to tar the psyche of an entire nation in one fell swoop, but this ahem, controversial new Toyota Yaris ad couldn’t really come from anywhere else than Australia.

In it, a young man picks up his date for the evening, before unsubtly informing her dad what a filthy old time he plans to have with the young lady over the course of the evening.

She then arrives and joins in with the double entendres as does the dad himself, which gives the whole thing a soupcon of incest (wow, what a great name for a band that would be – Soupcon Of Incest.)

But the bit that had us pissing ourselves with laughter comes right at the very end. It just does not make any sense at all, but it’s truly wonderful.

The ad itself came about following a competition for filmmakers and has been hastily removed from Toyota’s website following a barrage of complaints. But the surrounding publicity will do more for the fortunes of the Yaris than yet another ad showing the car cruising around a city could ever do. Hmmm… and maybe that's the point...


  • Chris
    Every car advert should be like this.
  • JJ
    Awesome ad :D

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