Commercial Break: Fiji - home of a narky junta and flying motor vehicles

So we read that Fiji had been shunted out of the Commonwealth because the superbly-named but unelected leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama is less than keen on holding democratic elections.

Plus, as it was the end of the day and we were gasping for a pint, it got us talking, something along the lines of: “Shit, we still haven’t found an ad for today’s Commercial Break yet. Wonder what an ad from Fiji looks like. Probably ripe for cheap laughs at some foreigners.”

And here we are – a Fiji-based Toyota ad, including a very excellent flying scene that probably wouldn’t make it past the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK. Saving the best for last, there’s also a great piece of jumping-for-joy right at the end too.

A couple of questions – one, why isn’t there more jumping for joy in British ads? It perfectly conveys the impression that a product is great. Two, do Toyota even know this ad was broadcast in their name? Commodore Frank Bainimarama must be removed from office NOW!

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  • RobC
    ASCO motors ? is that a sub-division of the supermarket that a Del Boy is setting up to take on Asda and Tesco ?

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