Commercial Break: Federer's field face stars in feckless ad nonsense

20 June 2011

Wimbledon’s tennis-fest is underway and here’s an amazing advert/PR stunt from Gillette involving a big field and the mush of bat and ball ace Roger Federer. Do you see what they did? They grew his face on the grass, put a beard on it and then shaved it off. Amazeballs!

We’ll be needing two numbers from you in the comments section. Firstly, an estimate of how many man-hours this took to do and secondly, the number of seconds that you were impressed by this for. GO!


  • Boris
    The numbers are 250 and 0. Do I win a prize?
  • Dick
    What have I learnt from it: Gillette blades are about as sharp as an old lawnmower. The Fed may have dark locks, but he obviously dyes it, because his beard grows dirty white. Gillette doesn't like Murray either. Ways to improve it for next year: (1) plant different species of grass for the different shades, rather than painting it and (2) use an actual Gillette razor (just one, if they are that fucking good) to cut the grass. That would be impressive.
  • LD
    I am Wilkinson Sword man myself ....
  • Mark C.
    That looks more like Jimmy Carr to me.
  • Andrei A.
    My arse. Well they could have use it instead.

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