Commercial Break: Fabio not as fab as Isiah

21 July 2011

Shock. Horror. The usual Old Spice guy, Isiah Mustapha, has gone. He might be on holiday or he might have just been so immense that he’s turned into diamonds. Whatever.

Here’s his replacement – male model extraordinaire Fabio, in three ads from a new Old Spice campaign. It’s different but it’s not the same, even if we see him rolling around on a piano and getting some woman to smell him down the phone. Can we have Isiah back now please?


  • Dick
    He looks like the sort of person you wouldn't want hanging around a school.
  • Grumpy
    WTF Is dis real?
  • The B.
    Is he playing with his horn in the hottub? I hope he disinfected that afterwards.
  • Alexis
    Are these made by the same ad agency??? They're a) not funny b) poorly acted and c) shite.
  • Marky M.
    Another utterly crap Old Spice advert. We're so wacky! We're so viral! Ha haa! So, know anybody under 70 who's actually bought any in the last 20 years? Me neither.
  • crap
    who's "Isisah"? Andy Dawson has to be the worst reporter of all time. wanker

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