Commercial Break: Eyes of the drug tiger

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the government’s new ad explaining how you’ll get nicked if you drive while on drugs. If you didn’t see it, why? It was on during Corrie, which is the number one show in the country.

So where were YOU when it was on? Out in the car with your mates, addled right out of your noodles on half a gram of todge dust, juvenile clink snow or steam-fried bollock dots? You were weren’t you, you fugging drugging idiot.

One question though – at what point do the eyes of the standard drug driver expand and fill up his face as seen here? Is it when he turns the ignition key? And does it only happen while driving? Do they contract and go back to normal once he’s parked up successfully and stepped out of the car? Why doesn't he avoid detection by driving in shades, like Bono, or Stevie Wonder? We demand to know.


  • Martha F.
    So, are we also saying that BMW/Audi drivers are off their tits? As they seem to have a lack of awareness, slow reactions, can't be bothered using their indicators, driving to fast, using their iPhone and generally being a dick on the roads. Perhaps there should be an ad campaign to warn others of BMW/Audi drivers, wankers.
  • Bill O.
    i think driving under the influence of drugs would be a secondary concern, if stevie wonder was behind the wheel. Or was this an obvious joke and im the thicko for playing straight into it?
  • Nobby
    So if your kids eyes are not swollen up, then they are not on drugs.
  • Rupert
    what the hell is your beef against audi drivers, Focker? Hatred against BMW drivers, I can understand.....
  • Noddy
    Rupert where have you been? Audi drivers are the new BMW drivers, wankers the lot of them*. *Albeit for the very small percentage of them that actually realise there are other people on the road, don't feel the need to drive up your arse and can actually find their indicator.
  • Martha F.
    There was no BMW option on the company car list, that's what Audi drivers are.
  • Paul
    Completely agree with you noddy, there is another driver to add to the BMW/Audi list and that's Passet drivers. Essentially their tits on the road driving way too fast, not indicating, cutting people up who can't afford a BMW or Audi.
  • Andrew R.
    Cars have indicators?
  • Tom P.
    I saw this last night, while tripping on leb, and thought it was a new alien movie or something
  • The B.
    Germy Clarkson said it on Top Gear so it must be true.
  • Robert
    I spotted a blooper At 4 seconds in, the front seat passenger's eyes go back to normal when he turns his head towards the driver
  • mike h.
    @ Roberts blooper: At 4 seconds in, the front seat passenger’s eyes go back to normal when he turns his head towards the driver that's cos he fancys him, wants a bit of kok n bum front seat action ;) his hands on his gearknob . it's a well known sign of man lurve :)
  • Mewling P.
    I'm a manga character and I get pulled for being caned ALL the time. It's discrimination I tells thee!!
  • Chief P.
    Well, does driving after a couple of lines of coke make your eyes mess up??? NO, I drive better with coke than without. I mean at the golf club and masonic lodge we all love nose candy a bit of swinging then toodle home in the jags after taking a hot crumpet from behind................................. without blubbing to nanny :)
  • Brian
    Now everyone has been warned, there's likely to be a rush to the window tinting work shops.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] online bingo authorities as it’s almost certainly off its canine head on pills and/or weed if the recent drug-driving ads are any kind of accurate [...]

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